Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Saintsgiving 2018.

Why give to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund represents strength in Saints’ numbers. No matter the size of your contribution, you join a community of donors devoted to equipping Aquinas to be immediately responsive in its support of campus-wide academic, operational and extracurricular programs.

I can only make a small contribution. Does it make a difference?

YES! Aquinas College's Annual Fund relies heavily on the smaller contributions. Not only do these add up when we all give, but every gift, no matter the size contributes to the Annual Fund participation rate. Participation in the Annual Fund is important. A strong participation rate impacts Aquinas’ standing and rank among peer schools, and represents a gauge by which foundations and corporations award grants. So, your contribution may be small in terms of dollar amount, but it has great impact on Aquinas' institutional strength. 

Why give today?

On Saintsgiving Day, any gift made by alumni will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $40,000. So, today is the day to double your investment in Aquinas College! 

How can I give?

Today, if you make a gift through this site, we can match your gift, dollar for dollar up to $40,000 through an anonymous match donation from one of our alumni. Today is the day to double your investment in Aquinas College! 


And, if you are interested in learning about all the other ways you can give to Aquinas, please visit us here:





Is my giving secure?

Absolutely. Your payment is securely processed by Blackbaud. The information collected during Sainstgiving Day is only used by Aquinas College, and it will not be sold or shared with any third-party organizations. Your credit card information will not be stored.

How will my gift be used?

100 percent of your gift will go toward the daily operating expenses of the school. Your gift is our bricks and mortar - it helps keep the lights on! 

Still have questions?

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